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05 09 2005

NetPromoter Company announces the availability of the new version of Page Promoter 7.2...

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Page Promoter - Web site submission and Search Engine Optimization program

Web site promotion

Web site promotion | Search Engine Optimization | Submit site to search engines



Web site submission and promotion program - Page Promoter
  Page Promoter
order $299.9

Page Promoter is an ultimate URL registration, Search Engine Optimization and promotion tool, that helps to increase your exposure on the Internet and draw more targeted traffic to your Web site.

Page Promoter will help you accomplish all principal Web site promotion tasks in just a few clicks of a mouse:

  • Research your keywords
  • Analyze your rank
  • Analyze your pages
  • Check link popularity
  • Create Robots.txt
  • Check site positions
  • Create meta-tags
  • Check your site submission
  • Upload your site
  • Research Google Dance
  • Submit your URLs automatically
  • Check your positions on Google Datacenters
  • Submit your URLs manually
  • Manage yours PPC campaigns

Research your keywords

Keyword research is considered to be primary and one of the most challenging aspects of Search Engine Optimization process. Not only do you want to see your site fly to the top, but high rankings should be on keywords, that are related to what your Web pages offer and match exactly what your target audience searches for.

The Keyword Tracker module of Page Promoter program is a unique tool for performing keyword research of a marketing scale. It is designed to query such services and tools like Overture, Google Suggest and the world search engine databases for the most used keyword queries of Web surfers. You can then use these keywords to optimize your Web pages and get to the top on all major world search engines.

If you don't have good keywords, you won't get quality traffic!

Keyword Rank Formula - Page PromoterKeyword Rank Formula

Our specialists have developed a comprehensive formula for calculating keyword effectiveness - Keyword Rank (KR).

The formula comprises the ratio between the monthly number of queries by the keyword analyzed and the number of search results that are returned by Google for the query. The thorough study of Keyword Rank for every keyword will allow you to choose the most effective ones and get your site listed on the top of search engine results.

Page Promoter - Click for large screenshot
Page promoter - orderPage promoter - download


Analyze your pages

Page Analyzer module will analyze your Web pages for selected keywords and compare your site to the competitor`s, showing why the rival site may be achieving higher ranking than you.

Page Analyzer reports will provide you with detailed information on the results of your Web pages thorough analysis:

  • General information - information about the site and the type of report generated
  • General information about the resource - information about all elements that potentially may cause optimization problems
  • General information about the resource elements - meta information about the resource
  • Parameters with additional influence on the ranking - information on additional factors which influence Page Rank
  • Search engine emulation - emulation of search engine entry, displaying the way your page will be output in search results
  • Most frequently used words - general information about words and word combinations, which are used most frequently in the page text
  • Detailed reports on the used keywords - detailed and statistical information on the usage of keywords in the most critical elements of your pages. Using this part of the report you will be able to discover the main optimization problems with your site and consequently, to solve them.

Create Robots.txt files

Robots.txt is a file uploaded to your server to keep various search engine spiders from crawling or indexing certain sections or pages of your site. You can use it to prevent indexing totally, prevent certain areas of your site from being indexed or to issue individual indexing instructions to specific search engines.

Robots.txt Editor will enable you to specify different directives for selected spiders in specific areas of your site and generate the robots.txt file quickly and easily.


Create Meta tags

Search engines take Meta tags into consideration while delivering results and without Meta tags you have little control over how your Web pages are viewed by search engine spiders. That means that when your pages get indexed by search engines, your description can look like junk and the keywords that might lead to your listing may have little or nothing to do with keywords you feel are important. Use the Meta Tag Generator module to ensure that your site gets listed the way you want it to.


Upload your site

When you complete making changes to your Web pages code locally, it is time to upload the edited pages on your Web site. The FTP-Uploader module of Page Promoter program will facilitate this task for you and upload any pages generated by the program onto remote FTP server.


Submit your URLs automatically and manually

Search engine submission is an integral part of any Search Engine Optimization initiative.

Manual submission module allows submitting your site to the search engines, that require payment for listing sites. These engines are used by ordinary Internet users in the search for information, but they are also used by the other search engines.

Automatic submission Page Promoter will submit your Web pages automatically to all major world search engines and directories. The Scheduler module will let you determine the time and frequency of submitting your site. Set up your task 1 time and never worry about resubmitting your Web pages again.

One of the largest and most up-to-date submission databases on the Net! The Page Promoter registration database contains all major world search engines and directories. We update our engines on a weekly basis, so your Web site is ALWAYS being submitted properly.

Spider your entire domain! Page Promoter will add each and every page of your Web site with 1 click! You can then choose to submit any pages you like. Choose 1 or choose's up to you!

Analyze your rank

It is widely known that there are so many factors that affect your Web site search engine rankings, and you have to consider all of them in order to get good positions. Page Promoter will do the analysis of all factors influencing your Web pages rank for you!

Popularity Analyzer - Page PromoterPopularity Analyzer module finds aspects that play a role in your Web site`s ranking on search engines - URL rank, Alexa traffic Rank, Yahoo Web Rank, as well as the presence in all major directories - Google/Dmoz Directory, Yahoo Directory, etc. The module queries 26 Google datacenters for information on the position of your site by any keyword or keyphrase, thus providing information even about site's future positions on Google (Google Dance).


Check your link popularity

Knowing who links to your site, and increasing the number of links is an important part of any Web site promotion effort.

The Link Popularity module queries Google, Yahoo, MSN - altogether about 40 engines and reports link popularity. This tool is supplemented with new Track Changes tab, allowing you to view site link popularity changes in the form of a chart. Possessing such information will enable you to take appropriate decisions on increasing link popularity by exchanging reciprocal links with other sites and submitting your Web site to directories with subsequent analysis of the effectiveness of actions taken.


Check site positions

Knowing your Web site positions is essential for thorough analysis of your optimization and promotion efforts. It helps you make right decisions about the flow of your SEO campaign and enables to define what search engine listings need to be improved. Manual tracking positions in hundreds search engines across the world would take you endless hours and days, and of course it wouldn`t be the most pleasant way of spending your free time.

The Ranking Utility tool of Page Promoter will search the world engines via a keyword or phrase finding out just how and where your pages are ranked. The module allows a webmaster to monitor the dynamics of site rank changes by any keyword and for any period. The results are available in the form of a chart and a table thus providing additional site reporting features.


Check your site submission

Page Promoter will not only submit your Web pages for registration on major search engines and directories, it also wouldn`t let you do the job of checking the submission results. We suppose this monotonous work would hold no joy for you. Page Promoter program will provide you with a report giving detailed information on search engines and directories you submitted your site to, when it was submitted and whether it was a successful submission or not. The reports can also be emailed to whomever you choose.


Read Page Promoter manual Read Page Promoter Help

NetPromoter - the most complete Web site promotion, Search Engine Optimization and statistics analysis software package

The most complete Web site promotion and site statistics software package - NetPromoter
  Net Promoter
$ 699.90
Page Promoter - An ultimate URL registration, Search Engine Optimization and promotion tool, that helps to increase your exposure on the Internet and draw more targeted traffic to your Web site.
Log Analyzer - A log processing solution, designed for Web traffic analysis.
Robots.txt Editor - A visual editor for Robot Exclusion Files and log analyzer software.
Link Utility - A powerful Web site management and link checking tool, that finds broken links (including those using JavaScript and Flash), orphaned files, slow-loading, deep, outdated and small-sized pages.
Meta Tag Promoter - A handy program, which creates and manages Meta tags for your site and allow your Web pages to be properly indexed by search engines, thereby increasing rankings.
Domain Name Checker - A feature-packed, convenient and fast domain checker, that finds attractive domain names for your Web site and manages them.

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